Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back on the grind and whisky tasting

After an 8-day hiatus I finally got internet in my new apartment. Even though the 50 meg broadband was running at 5 meg, it was still nice to be able to get back on the SNE grind. The internet wasn't able to handle the tables at various times, disconnecting for 10-20 seconds, but overall better than having no connectivity.

I had been deliberating as to whether the SNE chase was still viable without significant cost to my life quality over these next couple months. However having thought long and hard about it, and how much it means to me, both in terms of value but more importantly the accolade in itself, I decided there's no way I'm stopping short. Based on the notepad doc I have made and use to measure the progress and pace required, it is still perfectly viable, just with less spare days...

I tried to make the 8 days away useful both on and off the tables, on the tables I played husng which, if my backup connection failed, would mean I wouldn't lose anywhere near the same number of buy-ins as if the internet failed on the usual grind. It was also an awesome opportunity to do a lot of work on that area of my game, which is extremely complex and difficult, but at the same time where the most equity can be realized. I was also lucky to run pretty good, and also come 2nd in the Weekly $215 Heads-Up MTT, which added important reserves to the SNE BR. After an ~$25,000 almost vertical downswing before rakeback following a big heater, I was very anxious as to what level of variance is possible on the grind I am undertaking, so these last 8 days were a blessing in disguise for replenishing reserves.

To top off a pretty nice day, I went for dinner and whisky tasting at the Scottish Whisky Society here in Edinburgh. The food was awesome, desert delish and sampling nine very different highest quality whiskies sealed the deal. Overall an emphatic thumbs up, and a place where I intend to entertain guests in the future! My pick of the tastes was the peatiest whisky which basically has an intense smokey taste to it.

Here are some cliff notes to this incoherent and partially drunken update in the form of pics:
Consumption of the evening....

Fun and games!

Good luck at the tables!!


  1. Glad you got your internet sorted out (finally!)
    As for the whiskey... laphroaig FTW!

  2. Haha thanks mate, will def have to add that one to the list can't recall having it before.