Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Big Setback - Motivational Dynamite

                      "...And don't use the box, there never was a box, and never will be" - Anon

So moving apartments has offered a big setback in the form of not having internet correctly installed yet. It was supposed to be active the day I moved in (yesterday), but to this point they are having problems with no promises of when it will be fixed.

So......given how tight this chase is, this is a disaster, right?!

Well, for sure it is, but having that mindset isn't going to improve anything. It just makes you frustrated and stress about something outside your control. Instead, it's important to focus on things within your control that you can really accomplish. Not being able to grind, I have to see it as an opportunity to refresh, I'm being given a day or a few days off, awesome. Also, there's a lot of things related to the move that need to be sorted out, and while I'm grinding hard, those things don't get done, but now they will!

Ok so that's all fantastic, but where does that leave this SNE chase, is it really all screwed up now? The answer is no! I have a notepad doc where I log a few key stats which I update daily (or as often as I can) to show where my pace is, where it needs to be, or how much of a safety net I have. Here's how it looks right now:

76 days total
22 weekend days*5k= 110k
54 weekdays*12k= 648k

630k points req'd
current pace= 758k

52.5 full days away from SNE
10.5 full days spare allowing for less volume on weekend and an average of 12k vpps/day mon-fri (60k mon-fri total).

470 playing hours left

It's really important to keep setting yourself manageable/tangible goals. I have the VPP Progress Bar selected on my Pokerstars lobby to show how my progress is on a 12k VPP goal each day. Before I just played, and with such huge volume you can't measure how you're progressing in terms of profit/loss - every hour you're winning or losing ridiculous amounts, it's actually better not knowing lol. But seeing a nice green progress bar fill up feels great! What's even better is that I know for a fact that 12k/midweek day and 5k/weekend day (weekends are for keeping wifey happy) will get me to SNE in plenty time. Before I lost these last two days, I was on-course to finish around mid-November. I assumed there'd be some days that will be lost unavoidably, and there'll be plenty more of those unrelated to having no internet, such as real life. But despite that, and despite the two days lost this week, there's still 1.5 weeks of free days available. Any investment banker will tell me I'm slacking, seriously. Finally, if I ever needed to make pace up, why not just add an extra hour to my play each day for a couple weeks? That's the best part of two full days compensated for by the overtime!

This is becoming a bit of a tl;dr but I feel like this blog needs some serious content to get it of its feet, Let's wrap this post off with some cliff notes to avoid more unnecessary pain:

1) You MUST find opportunity in everything - seeing the obvious negatives only makes you feel crap, and almost always the effects are outside your control.

2) Time is valuable, and time is short...but in terms of time for VPPs, there's a lot more time than people think. Even grinders with a way lower VPP hourly are slacking way more than they need to. Just watch an hour less watching TV or facebook stalking and you'll add 15% efficiency to your days immediately. You can push off from that point.

3) To achieve a lot, you need to keep BALANCE. My current grind seems kinda unbalanced/nuts, but it actually gets balanced by keeping balance everywhere else in my life. So that means keeping a great regular sleeping pattern, plenty of social time with better halves/buddies/family, plenty of time for yourself with whatever other stuff you would like to treat yourself to. This is the worst cliff note ever since it's long and doesn't really relate to anything I mentioned before, ah well.


P.S. the cryptic header to this post relates to thinking inside/outside the "box"

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