Monday, 12 September 2011

First Post!

This blog is now alive and kicking! I'm aiming to update this regularly with updates of my current chase to SNE, essentially going at ~3 times the pace of a traditional 12-month SNE pursuit. With travel plans for December, the chase should be completed by the end of November, but worst case scenario I could dip into December for the last VPPs! I'm currently on pace to finish somewhere between mid-end November, but stuff like moving into a new apartment tomorrow might slow down the pace a bit. Bankroll and Time Management are critical, and I hope to draw more attention to those areas in subsequent posts. Until then I'm gonna wrap this one off with a GOOD LUCK to everyone not on my tables :P


  1. I have no doubt you will have every success in your SNE challenge and anything else you choose to do in life. And your coaching skills are different class, looking at the game from soo many different aspects now-Cheers m8y and GL at the tables!!!
    Vamoooooo ;)