Saturday, 22 October 2011

Progress Update

Just a quick progress update this time. Things are picking up and am making more good progress, but the last few weeks have been very difficult pushing through intense variance. The high stakes 6-max games are super swingy, and everyday I was running $2-3k below expectation. After a few weeks this was pretty brutal, but the VPPs were also good. I think when mass-tabling the disadvantage against other regs who are playing 20-30 less tables is huge, and the games are extremely tough to start with. Overall I've decided if I can make the chase without them, I'll do that. To give an idea of what kind of variance I'm talking about, I'll put a couple of pretty graphs at the end of this update.

VPP Count: 673k
VPP Req'd: 327k
Finishing day goal: November 28th
Daily pace req'd to achieve goal: 8838 VPP/day
Current pace: varying from 6k-11k/day

~$47,000 downswing before rakeback after initial heater

My overall sharkscope graph pre-rakeback has been butchered haha, but after rb not much worse than flatlined and will be consistently up now hopefully with variance-busting grind

Back to the grind!!

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