Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Swings; Back on Track

So September was a swingy month in a lot of ways...

There were 8 painful days without proper internet where I had to pretty much play on a backup connection just some HUSNG, and two solid weeks of driving back and forth moving stuff into the new place. At the tables things were rocky too, with the highlight being 2nd place in the weekly $215 HU, and the lowlight bricking three Step 6 Steps to the WCOOP Main Event.

Overall though, it was a brilliant month!! Managed 233k VPPs despite the lost time, and further improved my game in a lot of areas, some of which were highlighted through a discussion/coaching sesh with one of my SNE students. It's a huge benefit of coaching, what you actually end up getting back through the insights they have!! The same student shipped $11k in an MTT which was a great score, and my other SNE student is back to absolutely crushing so I'm delighted with their efforts. I also work with a micro/low stakes MTT group and must say the progress they are making is phenomenal from where we started. A great attitude and positive outlook is the main thing to thank for it, so great job guys!! :D

The goal for October is to steamroller ahead...

Will hit 500k VPPs today, which is such a relief. Starting at 120k VPPs in August just seemed like a mountain to climb, but have now reached the first peak and on the way to the main peak now! 300K could be possible this month (31 days ftw), leaving a 200k home stretch in November and lots of partying - that's the plan! The biggest risk is playing poorly at huge volume, or further severe negative variance depleting bankroll reserves. Because so much of the value comes in effective rakeback (FPPs/Milestones/BOPs), maintaining cashflow is super important and can be rather challenging. There will always be a risk results could plummet, and in such cases you must be prepared to drop down in levels and stay within correct bankroll rules. For me that meant passing up the $500/$1k games, and the next step would be dropping $300s. Unless October is a disaster, there should be no reason for that, though.

I'll wrap this up with lots of pretty pictures, writing seems far too verbose!!

Thanks for following guys and good luck for Halloween!! By the way, the more comments/discussion the better. For this post please comment with a bunch of questions/topics you'd be interested in me discussing in my next post. My favourite ten suggestions will be directly answered! I'm also gonna try and get round to offering some video content soon so WATCH THIS SPACE

VPP Progress

Stats during chase
Heater to warm-down

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  1. I would like to hear your thoughts on how to keep an even keel with your emotions. This is MY biggest obstacle when playing poker. I know its wrong to get emotional over beats or bad plays (by you or your opponent). I usually rant to my wife... she just says, "did you not want him to call with that?" knowing that i did. "you just got unlucky babe, dont sweat it!" (she an angel!)

    Any help with mindsets?

    thx, KW55