Thursday, 3 November 2011

Base Camp Reached: Climbing to the Summit

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that bit "extra"" - Bear Grylls

First of all, apologies for a slightly belated update. Things have been very busy, with longer hours at the tables and not much time to blog! Another problem I have is a fear of doing something imperfectly. So whenever I am preparing to write a new post, taking the step to actually write it is inhibited by feeling it might not be written properly, I won't end up doing a perfect job.

I think this issue of perfectionism, or at least of putting things off because we're worried we can't do them properly applies directly to poker and many other pursuits. I'm sure many of you can relate to the feeling of preparing for a big grind session, but there's just a few small odds and ends that have to be attended to so you can really start the session properly. One thing leads to another and your 8 hour sesh is suddenly a 4 hour one. Or worse still, BECAUSE you realize that now the session can't live up anywhere near to what it should have, there's no point in it and you end up doing nothing!

Lets imagine adventurers climbing Mount Everest. How about if they are planning to climb to a certain height by the end of the day, but a few technical hitches put them off schedule. Are they going to say to one another, ah crap we can't make it today, lets just sit here and do nothing instead, there's no point we can't make our target. Well, if it's getting dark and they need to set up camp, perhaps. But otherwise, the initial target was only something imaginary, it doesn't exist. Progress is progress, and nothing is nothing. Always better to do something than nothing. A little of something is more than infinite nothing. You'll always win!

This is the current mindset I'm getting into for the last stretch of this marathon. Especially with new game selections and schedules, whereas on high stakes games VPPs were just automatically coming at a fantastic rate, now they are like drips of water in a desert, very hard to find, and not a single drip is taken for granted. With this attitude I can be happy whenever I sit down to play, even if it's just a 20 minute hyper turbo session before going our for lunch. When I get to November 28th, depending on how many VPPs are required that day, I WILL be aware of the difference those sessions made. Without them perhaps I will find myself up to 50,000 VPPs short, but with them perhaps I'll even be almost finished before that day even begins. With a flight to catch just two days later, this really will be a huge thing psychologically.

I'll finish with a simple image of where I'm at, and where I'm headed to. I think a detailed analysis of the profit/loss from start to finish on this chase, and a breakdown of game types will be a cool thing to look at in my review of this pursuit after I finally complete it!

Oh, and GL for MOVEMBER guys, and enjoy the slightly disturbing 70s look ladies! Could be worth its own progress update here later this month :)

Final Climb!


  1. I clicked the pic of your PS status...

    LOL @ me then clicking "close" in the pic! hahahaha

  2. Alright buddy great post, i like the comparison to climbing the mountain(defo better doing a little something than nothing at all) you always have a good perspective on things in poker but life in general also which is obv why u r da man for coaching -Bet u cant wait to finish the chase m8 the light is at the end of the tunnel, vamooooooooo run good @ the tables sir;)