Monday, 7 November 2011


Making solid progress at the tables and each day can see the goal getting genuinely closer!! Definitely exciting knowing I should have those six stars in a few weeks, then have two great vacations to look forward to almost straight after for rest and lots of rehabilitation!

After the massive downswing things settled down the last couple of weeks, and I managed to make a decent amount of profit back almost every day, until today! Just ran really bad, but must remember I ran pretty good most days before. The goal is to put in as many 9k+ VPP days as possible to keep up the required pace. Traffic is significantly quicker on weekends than weekdays, so it's more likely I'll fall behind a bit midweek then make up the deficit over the weekends.

I plan to blog here more regularly after the chase is over and would love to hear suggestions of content people would like to see on this blog. Just shoot them over in a comment on this post!

For daily updates, check out my poker goals & challenges thread for this chase on 2+2 forums:

Until later, hasta la vista and run good!

Closing in on the bounty...
Everyday is a funday in mad volume sngland

It's all about that missing star! :@

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