Tuesday, 17 January 2012

First 2012 Post!!

A long-overdue and underwhelming blog update on the way!

Obviously December was a month to kick back and relax a bit, pretty much enjoyed being away from the grind for some weeks. The longer you're out of a pattern, the harder it is to get back into it again. I definitely was looking forward to getting back into things towards the end of the month, but up until now still haven't found 5th gear, or even 4th for that matter...

I think there have been three main culprits for this:

1) Busy, lots of things to do. The more things we have to do simultaneously, the less efficient we become with our time and productivity. It isn't just the volume of tasks, it's simply the fact that we find it hard organizing them in an effective way, or any way at all. I believe we end up partly avoiding them, which just makes things worse! Bit like after the dishes have piled up in the sink, by that point you really don't see the harm in adding a couple more there. Or at the tables already losing a large sum, believing that it's unimportant whether or not you lose any more, the damage has already been done. Overall, this is a destructive cycle, the cause for small problems, but also catastrophic ones.

2) Getting back up to pace. Pretty simple this one, at the peak of my SNE challenge last year, I think I found a 6th gear. Over the cold winter here, and starting back from zero, it's like when the engine won't even start. Gotta get it going again, then get back into drive [grind] mode.

3) Fear of inadequacy. This is a more complex issue, but one I think is also significant, and related to 1). Obviously different personality types function differently, but in my case, often if I feel I can't give my absolute best shot to something, I'll end up delaying it or not doing it at all. It's a really bad trait. Essentially it has the same outcome [loss of productivity] as the busy/multi-tasking scenario, but I think it's triggered from an unacceptance of compromise rather than being unable to organize tasks effectively. The one big trump card it offers is that when a task is undertaken, it's undertaken bloody well.

Asides from all that stuff, I have been dedicating a lot of energy into coaching my students. I really wanted to get 2012 off with a bang, especially since I had limited availability in my schedule during the SNE grind last year. It looks like this good deed is paying off, as they are crushing quite nicely - thanks guys! :P


                                                               Goals for 2012

Setting goals for 2012 has been pretty difficult since a key thing I want to focus on is flexibility. The insane chase last year is supposed to setup a 2012 which is flexible, with lots of room to achieve a number of goals on and off the tables. I think if goals are to be effective, they have to push our boundaries and challenge our comfort zone. They must be realistic, but also very challenging. The problem is, flexibility tends to be at odds with this very notion.

So for now I'm going to settle on some more generalized goals:

1) Retain SNE
2) Get two students to SNE
3) All three of us reach SNE profitable before rakeback!

This is a pretty good base point for the main goals, I have a number of other very ambitious and important goals, but to ensure they don't contradict my overall aim of flexibility, I'll umbrella them under one thing:

4) Decide on the other goals which are most important, and an action plan which will ensure success. The action plan won't be grounded on a regimented daily plan, but instead a detailed and workable solution to the challenges, provided enough time and effort is dedicated to each.

This last one is pretty abstract, and also doesn't even state what it is that's to be achieved! That's basically because I'm not 100% sure what should be the main other goals, and also because external factors likely affect most of them. So for example, a big goal of mine is to buy a house, but ultimately it's a pretty stupid goal to set within a timeframe as the main factor affecting it's outcome is external: luck. It's very likely a good ambition, and one which will be achieved, but having a philosophy focusing on internal process rather than external outcome, can't be set for this year. You might be asking how the SNE profit before rakeback goal doesn't contradict this? Well, it does, but given the sample size of games to reach SNE (40,000+), I feel there's enough sample size to reduce the luck factor. It's the main goal I'm working towards, provides for everything else, has maximum resources available to throw at it, and solid benchmarks to predict outcome on; making it within my control mostly. Obviously difficulty of the games, and other random events still pose potential threats.

So that's a wrap, gonna upload some pictures of the adventurous vacation sometime soon, who cares if it's overdue and in the wrong blog post order?! I'll obviously ninja-edit these last two posts to make it look as tho I did it properly in the first place, and make this last paragraph vanish from existence....

Good luck for 2012 everyone!!

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